Three Major Activities
that must be balanced

– Gursharan Singh

Three Major Activities
that must be balanced

In this weekly article let us examine what kind of activities we perform, they lead to what kind of results and what activities need to be performed for getting better results.

There is a direct linkage between the Activities you perform & the Results you get.  Activities you perform will lead to the corresponding results in your life. For getting better results you must undertake better activities.

If you want to lead a better life you must establish some Progressive Goals (Higher/Different than that we have achieved in the past). However we you will achieve these  goals only if you perform goal directed activities.

Three categories of activities that you perform & they must be balanced are:

  1. Routine Activities
  2. Important Non Regular Activities
  3. Most Important Development Oriented Activities

Emergency Activities are excluded in the above list. Other than natural calamities & unforeseen circumstances, most of the emergency Activities generally arise because of ignoring Routine, Non Regular & Development Activities

Please carefully understand this , that:


As you also know that different set of activities & they need different kind of preparation. Without good preparation important activities cannot be performed very well.

For Routine, Non regular & Development oriented activities,   some prior preparation is required whereas any emergency needs to be attended as & when it occurs. Preparations for the emergency activities are done there & then. However if we perform three major activities with more effectiveness, it will reduce the number of emergency activities. For example if you maintain your car very well, get it serviced on a regular basis , fill petrol & air on as & when required,  change the tires when they are due for change, you can avoid sudden failure of the vehicle  leading to emergency.

For the 3 major activities you will need to carry out 3 kinds of preparations:

  1. Routine Activities & Preparation for the Routine Activities:

These activities will consume most of your time & they need least preparation. Since they are performed on the daily basis, preparation required is also of routine nature. Once you develop a good discipline you can quite easily perform the routine activities.

Developing schedules, checklists & daily disciplines help in the smooth performance of daily routines. It is a great idea to define major daily routines & develop great discipline around those routines. For example, when to sleep, when to get up, when to work , when to eat , when to exercise and when to meditate etc.

For performing Routine Activities major part of the preparation is physical plus some mental and sometime a bit of social preparation. Preparations for the routine activities are done only hours before the intended activity. Say for example if as a routine you go for a walk at 5.30 am in the morning, you will keep the sox, shoes and cloths ready the night before.  Since in a routine you are going for a walk you need not even plan timing for the same. However if a close friend who came last evening from a other city to meet you, you may tell your  friend that tomorrow morning I would be going for a walk would you like to come along?

  1. Important Non Regular Activities & Preparation for the Non Regular Activities:

Non Regular periodic activities are periodical but generally non routine in nature. For example weekly/ monthly shopping of grocery, Quarterly medical checkup, periodic service of the car, Payment of Insurance Premium, Half Yearly family Trip, savings for Income Tax purpose, Quarterly  performance review meeting with the senior, admission of child in a new school etc.

For performing Important Non Regular Activities, major part of the preparation is Mental in nature. This need to done many days in advance. You need to keep track of important non regular activities by noting them down in your Diary/ Reminders/ Due date check list etc. It starts more as a mental activity & much before the actual activity is to happen.

Most important preparation for these activities is keeping track of due dates & connecting with concerned individual with whom these will be performed. If you do not track & plan for these activities, one day suddenly one of these activities will appear as an Emergency Activity.

  1. Most Important Development Oriented Activities & Preparation for the Development Oriented Activities:

These activities are the cornerstone of a successful & meaningful life. Since these activities are neither routine nor emergency related if you do not consciously pay attention to the need for carrying out these activities, they will always impact overall quality of our life. THESE ACTIVITIES ARE MOST IMPORTANT FOR A BETTER FUTURE AND THEY NEED LOT OF MENTAL & SOCIAL PREPRATION. THEY CAN NOT BE IGNORED.

Since routine activities & urgent activities consume most of your time & energy; until & unless you very consciously plan clearly much in advance, these development activities will never get the priority that they richly deserve.

Say for example if you are planning to buy a new house, start a new business, develop a new skill for the next level of professional responsibility, planning to develop your team for the new project which has to come after 18 months, analyzing the impact of new technology on the career &  to carry out needful  changes in  self accordingly, planning to improve communication at home for more healthy relations ,  developing progressive relationship with others for working on your progressive goals etc.

For performing Development Oriented Activities major part of the preparation is Mental & Social.

Preparation for the Development oriented activities starts months before they are to actually take place. That is the reason due to procrastination you may tend to postpone them.

Development activities will need chunk of your quality time out of your busy schedule. Tremendous amount of personal consciousness & emotional commitment can only ensure prioritization of development oriented activities & regular action.

Development activities will mean you need to change self by developing better mind set, better routine & perform better activities.

To act on these activities you will invariably need the help & guidance of those who have performed such activities & have achieved the results you want to achieve. This will also needs some mentor/coach who will monitor your progress.

Exercise for the week:

Wish you a week with a great commitment for giving at least 10% of your wake up time to development oriented activities!!!

2. Second Great Challenge

How to turn Potential in to Prosperity?

Once you understand your unique potential next step is to utilize your own potential for attaining all that you want in your life.

To make great progress is your birth right.

“You have the power to convert you dreams in to Reality”

When you think about your dream life you are likely to wish for Prosperity as well as peace of mind. Prosperity broadly will mean you are progressively taking care of all your needs & living comfortably. You will also like to pursue all your hobbies, taking care of loved ones, serving community and making charitable contributions etc.

How can you achieve all this?

Path forward :

Let me share a important hint which can hasten the process of your decision making about what should you do , using your talents & how to move forward .

It is quite likely that you like & admire the work of some people & they are like role models to you. You like what they do , you like their life styles and you want to really do the same or similar  thing. You will achieve what they have achieved.

To be like your role models, let me suggest that you do your bit of study as under, about your business role models, to find which Products & Services you should provide & how can you develop those product & services.

Find what kind of clients they are serving?

What products & services they are offering?

What problems & challenges are mitigated by their products?

How are they developing their products & services?

How they are offering their products & services?

Based on your own understanding of the above indicated aspect, proceed as under:

Which of these efforts, products & services of your role models are aligned to your own strengths & experience?

Which is one product or service you will like to  offer over a period of time which should be as good as theirs or better than theirs?

Make a self commitment that you will work with 100% belief that you are going to develop & offer product & services, as chosen by you & you would not stop till you deliver your first product or service.

Immediately take first baby step in the direction of creating the intended product or service. 

Start right now by writing what product or service you wish to provide, which is already being bought/sought by some customers. Than think about how can you develop a better product?

Experiment & learn from initial failures & improve till you taste first success & keep improving thereafter to further develop your talent, products & services which for sure , over a period of time , will lead to your prosperity & your ideal life style.