Achieving Breakthrough in Presentation SkillsA video assisted workshop


We are all sales people. One of the major problems we now face or ever will face is to sell ideas, products & services to our customers in a convincing manner. We need to make presentation before our boss, customer and colleagues. Thought of speaking before an audience fills many with feeling of dread. However opportunity to present can be memorable & pleasurable if the presentation is well planned & practiced.This workshop will equip the participant with fresh ideas & techniques on how to make presentation Effective, Persuasive and Enjoyable.

If I were to lose all my Power with the exception of one, I will choose the power of Presentation because with that I can so regain all the rest

- Daniel Webster


To help the participants :
• Design Persuasive & Powerful presentations
• Deliver the presentation enthusiastically in much lesser time with exceptional results
• Overcome nervous excitement & develop poise & self confidence
• Communicate effectively with customers, management & colleagues
• Increase productivity, improve relations & enhance business through successful presentation


• Overcome presentation anxiety
• Evaluate his/her strength & weaknesses as a presenter
• Make impromptu & introductory talks effectively
• Learn how to answer questions with clarity
• Increase your value in the organization
• Inject meaning & impact in the presentations

Brief Contents

Day One

• Introduction & Ice breaker
• The Principle of Constant Refinement
• What is Presentation?
• What is the most important requirement of Presentation?
• Traits of a Persuasive Presenter
• Self Profile
• Guidelines for impromptu presentations
• Guidelines for feedback
• Impromptu Presentation by all Participants (100% participation)
• Video recording, replay & feedback
• Preparing Presentation
-Topic, Customer, objective
• Overcoming nervous excitement
• Dealing with question & answers

Day Two

• Recap of day one
• Preparing presentation
• (Structured preparation under guidance using
Strategic approach)
• Inputs on Use of Voice, Posture & Gestures
• Practice for Presentation
• Individual Presentations (Video Recorded) (100% participation)
• Replay of recording & feedback for all the participants
• Feedback & closing