Developing Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Skills


Emotional Intelligence (EI) – Our ability to manage ourselves and others around us, is the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and leadership.
This workshop is specially designed to enhance awareness towards what is Emotional Intelligence, its importance as well as how to enhance this skill by following a proven step by step structured approach.

"For leadership Emotional Intelligence Competencies account for up to 85% of what sets outstanding managers apart from the average"

- Daniel Golman

“It is the Emotional Intelligence abilities that matter more for superior performance”

– Lyle Spencer Jr.

Target Audience:

Mangers/Executives from all the departments stand to gain from this beneficial program since this deal with one of the most important factor in enhancing interpersonal & leadership skills.


To help the participants :
• Understand what is EI & Its Importance?
• How to know the present Level of EI?
• Interpersonal Relations & EI
• Understand how to systematically enhance Emotional Intelligence?
• Prepare personal Action plan to enhance Emotional Intelligence for personal & organizational performance

Top Brief

This One Day Practical & Action Driven workshop, which will help the participants enhance their performance & emerge as better individuals & leaders.

In an era of change and pressure, executives are challenged to bring out the best in their people and to demonstrate outcomes. Emotional intelligence – the skills for tapping the power and wisdom of feelings – is a proven tool set that will help to:
• Equip in order to respond better in any situation.
Engage employees to provide exceptional service.
Motivate employees to work smarter and more efficiently.
Strengthen relationships to increase loyalty.

Brief Contents:

• Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI)- How we think,feel,behave & act
• Importance of EI
• Interpersonal Skills/Relationship Management & EI
• Assessing own Emotional Intelligence?
• How to develop Emotional Intelligence?- A framework for EI development
• How to use emotional intelligence for enhancing interpersonal effectiveness?
• Personal Action Plan for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence