Enhancing Business Communication Skills


This program is designed to help the participants sharpen their communication skills specifically keeping in mind the present day needs. The program will cover finer elements of Verbal, written, telephonic & email based interactions.

"Skill in the art of communication is crucial to a leader's success. He can accomplish nothing unless he can communicate effectively."

- Norman Allen

Target Audience:

Executives at various levels


Two days

Brief Contents

Day One

1. Ice Breaker – A starter – Climate Settings

Basics of Communication:
• What is communication?
• Framework for communication

Types & modes of Communication:
• What are types of Communication
• Modes of communication
– One Way Communication
– Two way Communication

Importance & Art of listening:
• What is Listening
• Barriers to Listening
• How to develop effective communication Skills

Interpersonal relationship & communication
• What do we mean by interpersonal relations?
• How our response affect others
• How to communicate responsibly
• Proactive Communication

Day Two

Overcoming the Barriers to Communication
• What are barriers to communication?
• How to overcome the Barriers

Developing Effective Public Speaking Skills
• How to master the art of Public Speaking
• -Tips on Public Speaking

Communication Skills for Negotiations:
• How to interact & Negotiate for Win-win

Business Writing Skills
• The foundation of effective business writing
• Act of writing better

Action Plan to enhance communication effectiveness