Managerial Skills for 21st Century


Lot of changes is taking place at the global level. On one hand it is throwing open lot of opportunities at the same time number of new challenges are emerging. India in fast emerging as a major Global Manufacturing Hub.

This program is specially designed as curtain raiser for Managers of 21st Century to better understand their role & responsibilities. to ensure personal development & organizational effectiveness.

Target Audience:

Individuals at Middle Management Level


2 days

Brief Contents

Day One

• Present Business Scenario
• Role of the Managers
• Key Elements of Managerial Effectiveness
• Enhancing Personal Productivity through Planning & Prioritization
• Delegation & Development

Day Two

• Managing Stress for Personal Efficacy
• Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Skills
• Collaboration at work Place
• Action Plan for enhancing Personal Effectiveness
• Feedback & closing