Keep your Purpose higher than your Pain

Gursharan Singh

Only way to live a meaningful & fulfilling life is to live a life for a Purpose higher than self.

As many of you know that the purpose of my life is to “Enable Individuals, Families & Organizations to Become Better”

Greatest challenge of the life is to find your heart centered Purpose and then to dedicate your life to that purpose. Only way you can move towards your purpose is to become better & perform better by willingly undergoing the pain of change.

It is true that to gain something you have to give something. No Pain – No Gain.

To succeed in life you need to dedicate your life to your purpose & you have to pay a price for the same. Personal Pain is the price you have to pay, in order to make progress towards achievement of your purpose.

I would love you to consciously think for a while about this issue of Pain & Purpose.

 Equation of Pain & Gain is something like:

 Short term Pain = Long Term Gain

Short term Gain = Long Term Pain

 Invariably you have to go through either Short Term Pain or Long-term Pain. You just cannot escape payment of price for better living in a shape of short term pain. This is a price you have to pay in advance for living better in this world.

If you choose to live in your comfort zone, for the present you can avoid the Pain associated with the Change for the betterment. But doing so you would not make a greater progress & you will lose in the end causing a great pain.

 It is always better to pay a small Price of change by going through little pain in the Present. You never ever can achieve higher or better without a change. Change will always cause short term pain/ discomfort.

However if you consciously choose to adopt the change so as to make a progress towards your heart felt long term purpose, in the long run you will be a true gainer.

Let us consider few examples so as to become clear about this very important issue, for the overall success in life.

In order to achieve great success in life, it is utmost important for you to take care of your health. Say for example if at present you are not doing exercise 6 days a week for at least for 40 minutes. May be you do not have any health issue at present. May be you are not able to muster courage & commitment to start exercising on regular basis since you have to change you routine & you have to find time for exercise. If you continue to live in present comfort & you do not exercise,  in a few year time you will encounter health issues because of your comfortable life style & you will pay long term price of pain because of bad health.

Let us consider another example. Technology & economic changes are rapidly impacting you professional life. May be for the time being you have a job which is taking care of most of your needs. There is no immediate threat to your job & to your organization. If you are not consciously preparing yourself to adapt to changes in technology & industry, you have to pay a heavy price in the future. May be you are comfortable now, but soon you will becoming less important to the organization & industry & you may even have to go through the avoidable pain of losing your job.

For the last example, let us consider a great scenario. Let us suppose that you are working in a Quality Assurance department. You have personally realized that it is the Quality of Products & services which ultimately improve the Quality of life of the human beings. You have decided to dedicate your life to become the top most authority in the Area of Quality Assurance. You will love to become so competent that you can guide large number of organizations to adopt policy, processes & technologies to deliver best quality products & services at the lowest possible cost. You will love  to become someone like Deming or Juran. Starting now, you will further enhance your knowledge , understand how the emerging technologies & data analytics will help you achieve your purpose. You are personally commit to excel in this area & you will keep upgrading your skills till you achieve your worthwhile goal. Your Great Purpose will make the pain of change irrelevant to you which otherwise is a great challenge for those sitting in the comfort zone.

Exercise for this week :

  • In which area of your life you are sitting in a comfort zone & you have not adopted a discipline which keeps you making better?
  • Have you identified a area in which you will make greatest contribution for making this world a little better?
  • What a very small change you will make this week dedicated to the betterment in some area of your life say related to Health, Relations or Contribution.

Wishing you a Wonderful Week dedicated to long term gain!!!