Joy of PerformanceA program which can really super charge an individual for Extra Ordinary Performance


Research discloses that most of the people are utilizing only 5 to 7% of their potential. In other words more than 90% of the potential is under developed. If any person marginally improves his/her personal effectiveness, results will be astonishing.

This incredible workshop will help the participants understand their inherent potential and how to unleash potential to achieve much higher in life? They will be able prepare themselves to meet head on the cut-throat global competition and challenges of the 21st Century.

The workshop also gives them a springboard of cutting-edge strategies to ensure progressive growth ahead of competition and achieve remarkable personal & professional success.


To help the participants :

  • Understand their inherent potential
  • How to unleash potential?
  • What is Peak Performance & strategies to achieve Peak Performance?
  • How to set & achieve higher Goals?
  • Learn & implement practical strategies to develop “The Winners Edge”!

Brief Contents

To develop better Understanding of Joy & Performance

Day One

• We & our potential
• Essence of Joy
• Essence of Performance
• Understanding our ability to perform
• Gains of Performance
• Scenario today

Day Two

• Understanding Performance
• Performance Expectations
• Motivation & Performance- Success Stories
• Importance of Governing Values
• Working for Performance
• Recap of Learnings & Action Plan
Feedback & closing