Joy of Winning Together A unique Team Building Program


In today’s fast paced competitive economic environment in order to meet the ongoing need of skilled professional, people are joining new & growing organization. This creates a scenario where team members come from diverse & rich experience & from organizations with different cultures. It is important that diverse experience does not create any hiatus in understanding rather diversity help in creating a vibrant rich culture based on collective wisdom & responsible behavior. This workshop helps the participants to understand this need & how to work together for achieving common objective.


• To understand gains of working in a team.
• To understand the characteristics of teamwork
• To understanding specific role performance.
• To identify the problems and difficulties in working together.
• To understand the contribution of self in the team.
• To understand the strategy of building team for achieving higher results.

Brief Contents

• Understanding Joy of working in a team
• Team Attributes
• Successful Teams
• Why do we fail working in cohesive groups?
• Enhancing team performance by enhancing role.
• Values & team working
• Strategies for developing team.

• How can team work together?
• – Team ground rules
• – Team formation stages
• Conflict management in a team.
• Energy of Synergy
• Role of leader and members in a team.
• Characteristic of World class teams
• Developing short term and long-term action plan for enhancing team effectiveness.