Potential to Prosperity

(How to turn your Gifts in to Greatness)
– Gursharan Singh

 Potential is what we have.

Prosperity is what kind of Dream life we desire to live.

The clear understanding of what do we have & what we want to have, will help us to achieve our goals. You know that everyone wants to lead a great life but only few really achieve this objective. Why?

The first great challenge of the life is to understand our own Potential, who exactly we are & what do we already have.

The second great challenge is to have clarity about what do we really want to happen in life. What do we want to become, what is that we want to achieve & how to achieve the same?

Let us discuss these two challenges one by one.

1. First Great Challenge

Understanding our own Potential  

As a human being we are the best form of life. We are gifted with very powerful abilities which none of other species have. There are 2 interrelated layers of our great potential as indicated hereunder & both must be understood clearly.

  1. Our Generic Potential as a human being :

         We are gifted with following 4 powers which if understood, developed & used , can help us achieve anything we desire to achieve in life.

Power of Consciousness We have the power to be aware that we are aware.
Power of Thinking At any time & at any place, we can think about anything.
Power of Imagination We can virtually create any image in our mind which than can be converted in to reality by working on that image. This is really magical for creating our great future.
Power of Choice We have the power to choose what we want to become, have & do. We must remain conscious in order to use this power.

With above indicated powers virtually we can have anything that we really wish to have. Each human being is born with these powers. So in a way, we all human being has same great  powers, which can help  us to excel in our life.

       2. Our Unique Potential as an individual:

Second part of our potential is our uniqueness. While we have same great powers like any other human beings still we are also unique in some way. Understanding our unique potential is a very critical piece of information for the overall success in life.

Our unique potential arises out of the following:

Our Genetic Coding– At the time of our birth, our miraculous mind is pre programmed uniquely due to our unique DNA. We draw some of the qualities & likings from our parents & their parents & so on. We come wired with certain preferences & physical appearance. This makes us look & behave so different than anyone else.

Our Environmental Coding : Starting from the time of birth all that we see, hear & experiment , creates imprints on our mind giving rise to set of beliefs & behaviors which shape our overall personality & we act accordingly.   

Our Unique Personality & Our Unique Talents:

Our genetic coding & our environmental coding put together, create unique operating system of our mind. There are certain things which we can do easily & better than others. These are also generally referred to as natural talents & special gifts.  These are gifts which we must identify & use it regularly to turn these gifts in to  our strength.

These talents/gifts are of the three types, as briefly indicated hereunder:

Physical Having preference /talent/ aptitude for physical activities/ work say athletics, acting, agriculture, driving, diving, dancing , housekeeping , modeling, sports etc.
Mental Having preference /talent/ aptitude for mental activities/ work say writing, coding, accounting, research, teaching, coaching etc.
Social Having preference /talent/ aptitude for social activities/ work say traveling, event management, politics, social work, selling etc.

All of us do some of the activities in all the three areas but on a closer examination & understanding, you will be skewed more towards one & two of the areas. There will be activities that you do better than many & you love to do. These will be activities in which you do not lose interest over a period of time. You will normally excel in these activities right from your early age.

A proper self examination over a period of time will help you to understand your own unique potential. Understanding of own unique potential is critical for overall success & happiness.

You may have examine your whole life to understand this.   Say for example right from my childhood I have been interested in reading things of my choice, writing down what appeals to me & I love speaking on the stage. I am never bored with these activities. All these activities are predominately mental in nature. After discovering these talents, I made a conscious decision to pursue my professional career in training & coaching which is aligned these gifts.

2. Second Great Challenge

How to turn Potential in to Prosperity?

Once you understand your unique potential next step is to utilize your own potential for attaining all that you want in your life.

To make great progress is your birth right.

"You have the power to convert you dreams in to Reality"

When you think about your dream life you are likely to wish for Prosperity as well as peace of mind. Prosperity broadly will mean you are progressively taking care of all your needs & living comfortably. You will also like to pursue all your hobbies, taking care of loved ones, serving community and making charitable contributions etc.

How can you achieve all this?

Path forward :

Let me share a important hint which can hasten the process of your decision making about what should you do , using your talents & how to move forward .

It is quite likely that you like & admire the work of some people & they are like role models to you. You like what they do , you like their life styles and you want to really do the same or similar  thing. You will achieve what they have achieved.

To be like your role models, let me suggest that you do your bit of study as under, about your business role models, to find which Products & Services you should provide & how can you develop those product & services.

Find what kind of clients they are serving?

What products & services they are offering?

What problems & challenges are mitigated by their products?

How are they developing their products & services?

How they are offering their products & services?

Based on your own understanding of the above indicated aspect, proceed as under:

Which of these efforts, products & services of your role models are aligned to your own strengths & experience?

Which is one product or service you will like to  offer over a period of time which should be as good as theirs or better than theirs?

Make a self commitment that you will work with 100% belief that you are going to develop & offer product & services, as chosen by you & you would not stop till you deliver your first product or service.

Immediately take first baby step in the direction of creating the intended product or service. 

Start right now by writing what product or service you wish to provide, which is already being bought/sought by some customers. Than think about how can you develop a better product?

Experiment & learn from initial failures & improve till you taste first success & keep improving thereafter to further develop your talent, products & services which for sure , over a period of time , will lead to your prosperity & your ideal life style.