Eight M's to Lead a Memorable Life

– Gursharan Singh

Human beings are the best creation of the Great Creator. The kind of gifts the creator has specially given only to the human beings, are supposed to help us lead a really Memorable Life, in this beautiful world.

In this Weekly Wisdom series we will specially focus on 8 things, which can help any individual,  who is interested to lead a Memorable Life.

These 8 things are “Non Negotiable “ & must be done.

With above indicated powers virtually we can have anything that we really wish to have. Each human being is born with these powers. So in a way, we all human being has same great  powers, which can help  us to excel in our life.

Meaningful Purpose:The starting point of a memorable life is to define your Own Purpose. What would you really like to do in your life & dedicate every day to that purpose? This has to be something though which you can serve the society. We have covered this aspect in one of earlier weekly articles.

Meditation or Mindfulness:Since Mind plays a biggest part in our success therefore start your day with any kind Meditation which helps you calm your mind & bring it in more order.

Movement: We are all living in this crazy busy world & it is must that we take at least 30-40 minutes to exercise our body at least 5 days in a week.  Move of body not only gives energy for the day but it also improves our emotions.

Mental Proteins: To read /view/listen to something which inspires, motivates or guide you towards your purpose is again a very important ritual which sets you up for the day. Articles like this can act as mental proteins.  All great successful people are very good readers. Books related to your purpose are more beneficial. Reading a religious scripture you deeply believe in , is also helpful.

Minerals: After air & water , minerals play most important part in our health. Make sure to eat a highly nutritious breakfast at least 5 days a week.

Must do today: Block time in your daily schedule for the most important activities related to your purpose lest urgent & unplanned things eating your precious time.

Measure Progress: On a regular basis check the regularity & progress in each of the above listed success routines of your life

Meet Progressive People: Consciously choose to meet / be in touch with the people who are better than you & still better meet those who have achieved what you want to achieve or can help you in achieving what you want to achieve.

Exercise for this week: Check yourself in which of the above listed “Ms” , you will like to better in your life. Please write down in your personal journal, what would you do & how would you do , to improve these Ms.


Wishing you a Memorable Week  !!!