Consumption Vs Contribution

– Gursharan Singh

Story of Life is predominately linked to two opposing but interrelated patterns of Contribution Vs Consumption. Throughout our life, on daily basis we go through both these patterns.

Most of the people go through their life without paying any conscious attention these two important patterns & thus miss the great opportunity of further improving the quality of their life.

Let us dedicate this week to become more conscious of our own Consumption & Contribution pattern, so as to positively further improve quality of our own life.

As you know, when we examine the things, we become more conscious about the things that we examine.

 Right Questions help us to examine.

During this week, keep the following question in the mind so as examine the important of consumption & contribution:

What do we consume?

What do we contribute?

Why do we consume?

Why do we contribute?

What we are consuming is it desirable or not?

What we are contributing is it desirable or not?

 Please take a little time to write your answers to the above indicated questions for understanding your own patterns of Consumption & Contribution.

Just for illustration, indicative answers to the  first two questions are given hereunder:

What do we consume?

We inhale oxygen

We drink water

We eat food

We use roads

We use shoes/cloths/cosmetics

We use computer/internet/vehicle

We use time & energy

We use help of others

Above is just a tentative list. Actual list of consumption will go beyond this. We indeed consume lot of things.

What do we contribute?

We provide service at home/office/society

We give our opinion/ideas/feedback/suggestions

We make payments for availing services of others

We plant tress & flowers

We write poems, articles, reports & emails

We give Quality times to near & dear ones

Above is just a tentative list. Actual list of contribution will go beyond this list depending on our Purpose/ Roles /Responsibilities and our interest

Please complete the exercise of writing answer to all the questions. Once you have written all the answers, please further proceed as under :

  • Try to find are your Consumptions pattern linked to Contributions?
  • Are there any consumptions which are undesired ( All addictions & wastages fall in this category ) ?
  • What gives you long term happiness – is it appear in Consumption list or Contribution list?

In the ultimate analysis, it will emerge that it is our contributions which is recognized & appreciated by others & lead us to long term happiness. We love to buy an Air Conditioner which consumes lesser electricity & gives more cooling. We like to buy a car which gives more millage in one liter of petrol.

Dedicate this week to think about how can you make more contribution & thus lead yourself to a better life.

Wish you a great new week. Wish you a week full of Great Contributions.