Do you act like a CEO of your own Life

– Gursharan Singh

Many who work in a business organization have a dream to become the CEO of the organization. Very few actually achieve such a dream.  Fact is that anyone who is really committed, persistently work towards such a dream, can make this a reality.


CEO is the one who is responsible for the profitable & sustainable growth of the business.


In this weekly article I would like you become a CEO right now.


Yes, CEO of your own personal life. It is a great place to start with. It is my firm belief that nothing is more important than managing your own life. You are 100% responsible for managing your own life & if you act like a CEO act for a business organization , you will really manage your life very well.


From this week onward I will really like that  you act like a CEO of your life.


A competent & effective CEO helps the business to grow through his/her focused efforts. Same way, as a CEO of your life , you should help your life to grow to great heights . How can you achieve this great goal?


Every CEO is very clear about the purpose of the business & he spends his time, money & energy to move towards that purpose.


 As a CEO of your life you must be very clear about the purpose of your life. Without going in to a long philosophical debate about what is the purpose of life , in its most basic form , the purpose of the  life is to help large number of people improve their quality of life by serving them in the best possible manner. How do you achieve such a fulfilling , worthwhile and great purpose?


You have a body which is like a production unit. You have a marvelous brain which is like a most sophisticated technological support system available anywhere in the world. You have a rare ability to speak in any manner you wish to speak, which is like a corporate communication. Who have highly powerful resources like time , energy & thoughts whose proper usage will lead to achievement of your life purpose.


Throughout this week, consciously think about what you need to do as a CEO of your life? How can you help your life to grow further , in the same manner a CEO ensures growth of a business.


  • Every day use your time, energy & mind carefully as a CEO uses them for the business. Work on your most important goals with these resources.
  • Every day take business like steps to fully use your vast potential.
  • Every day take care of your health which is your highly important asset
  • Everyday take steps to improve your relations & periodically develop new ones.
  • Everyday communicate in a most effective manner as a CEO communicates for the development of the business



Wish you a CEO kind of  responsible , fulfilling & worthwhile life !!!