Excitement Vs Fear

– Gursharan Singh

Making Progress is a very important dimension of life. Bigger the goal, it will result in a greater progress.

But you know that any significant goal would require us to :

  • Overcome some challenges
  • Make some changes in self.
  • Move in to area unknown to us
  • Get out of our comfort zone

When we want to achieve a big goal & if we are really interested to achieve that goal, it will cause two opposing emotions in us:

  • Excitement related to the achievement of new & desired goal
  • Fear of venturing in to unknown & new.

So these two contradicting  emotions;  Excitement & Fear , have a direct bearing on whether or not we will venture in to something new & challenging or not.

If we consciously do not deal with these two opposing emotions, there is every chance that we will procrastinate on the new & big goals & we will delay or abandon the desired progress.

 Since the progress is so important for improving the quality of life , let us pay conscious attention to the following three interrelated important points:

  1. Any time we try to do anything new, generally there is an element of doubt in some corner of our mind which will generate fear, particularly when we are doing it alone.
  2. When we are really interested & excited, we take anything new as an adventure & we will try the new things for fun, particularly when we are doing so along with others.
  3. If the level of excitement is higher than the level of fear , we will get out of our comfort zone & we will do the new & different things related to a new goal.

 Based on the understanding from this small article , during this week , it will be good idea to be clear about:

  1. Which is the one of your biggest goal that you want to achieve in next 6 months to one year? Write it down in your dairy.
  2. Write down all you fears & hurdles which stand in the way to achieve this goal.
  3. Write all the great benefits which you will get from the achievement of this goal.
  4. Write all the pains/ losses which you will have if you do not achieve this goal.
  5. Develop a plan to achieve your big goal.
  6. Think about who can help you/ guide you/support you in achievement of this goal & seek help/guidance/support from such person/persons
  7. Take very small step in the direction of your big goal & keep moving forward.

Wish you a great new week full of excitement for your big goal & wish you a Happy Deepawali !!!