Golden Rules for Golden Health

Gursharan Singh

This article must be read carefully & the action steps suggested must be implemented. I promise that it will help you to improve your long term health and happiness.

 Good Health & Energy is, one of the most important attribute of a great life.

“ Pratham Sukh Nirogi Kaya”.

From my personal experience I can say that, a lot of professionals ignore this important aspect of life. I personally did not focus on living a healthy life style during age 20-30 & in the process I developed some serious health issues, despite being a vegetarian, nondrinker & nonsmoker. There after I really had to pay very high attention to take care of my health.

Based on my personal study about health, spanning last 20 years, I would love to share hereunder a few golden rules for ensuring the golden health.

Golden Rule No. 1

Follow the natural cycle of living:

Visible sign of good health is to have a lot of energy throughout the day. On the invisible level, it is the health your cells.

Basically the body is made of trillion of small cells.

Bunch of cells is called Tissues

Bunch of tissues make an organ.

Bunch of Organs makes Systems

Collection of systems creates the full human Organism.

The basic unit of the health is cell. Within cell there are Mitochondria, which are considered as the “Power House”, in other words, is the energy provider.

Mitochondria function in a healthy way, only when the body follows the Natural Cycle of Day & Night (Light & Darkness). This is called as Circadian Rhythm.

So if you are sleeping & getting up according to rising & sunset, it helps the mitochondria to have good health & you will have a good level of energy. Otherwise it will make you tired, moody & prone to stress & disease.

Circadian Rhythm is also directly related to Brain Function. Improper brain function means anxiety, stress & fatigue.

So the Golden Rule is to adjust your life style in such manner that you go to sleep early & get up early. You should have about 7-8 hours of sound sleep

Action Step:

Slowly change your sleeping pattern. Sleep early & rise early, else you will have health challenges during the 40-70 years of age.

Golden Rule No. 2

 Improve the Quality of sleep:

As discussed in golden rule 1, your sleeping pattern is directly linked to your brain function & functioning of your cell (Particularly Mitochondria)

Beside going to sleep early & getting up early, it is very important to have Quality Sleep.

Quality sleep helps in proper functioning of Brain. Good sleep will ensure that Neurotransmitters from the brain are working properly. Neurotransmitters are kind of signals, which directly affect your mood, joy & overall wellbeing.

If there is even a very dim light in the room where you are sleeping your sleep will get disturbed. Blue light (during the day blue sky sends blue light) is taken as a signal for “Waking up” , by the brain. Electromagnetic waves also disturb the sleep. 

Action Steps:

 To ensure Quality sleep, you will need to ensure following:

– Where you sleep it should be absolutely dark

-All electronic, digital, electromagnetic devices MUST BE TURNED OFF. Your cell should be off & at least 6 feet away from your body.

-At least 30 minutes before going to sleep, you should not have been using digital devices in visual mode. (Do not fall sleep watching TV or Whakapapa etc.)

Golden Rule No. 3

Put yourself in to Positive Stress called as Hormesis (Very essential process for your health )

In order to enhance the energy at the cellular level, choose to put yourself under some positive pressure; otherwise the condition & circumstances around you will put you under negative pressure. You are designed to use your body & brain. You must go through some physical & mental work.

Following are found to improve the functioning of cells & brain:

-Physical exercises like walking, running, swimming, playing etc.

-Breathing exercises.


-Laughing & smiling

-Walking in the woods & garden

Action Steps: 

You must adopt the following five powerful practices in the daily routine:

– Get up & go to sleep with thoughts of absolute thankfulness & gratefulness

– Do some kind of physical exercise (20-30 minutes)

– Do some kind of breathing exercise (5-10 minutes)

– Do some kind of meditation (10-15 minutes)

– Read/Listen to something positive & inspiring (20-30 minutes). Audiotorium

 Golden Rule No. 4

Choose to Eat in a Healthy Way:

What you eat & when you eat has direct impact on the health of your cells & brain. It is utmost important that you must discipline yourself to eat in a healthy manners.

Following helps in repair & maintenance of your cells & also help in proper functioning of body:

-Keep your body hydrated. Regularly drink water.

Cycle time between first & last meal should be within in 10-12 hours (Late evening food is not good for body & mind, since it defies the Circadian Rhythm. 

-Eat lot of vegetables, nuts, fruits, full grains and pulses which gives you healthy Glucose, amino acids & fatty acid (these are required by mitochondria to give you energy & fight toxins & stressors )

 Avoid /remove the following from your diet:

-Processed food

-Refined sugar & excess of caffeine

Action Steps:

Decide today itself:

– Time for your last meal

– What processed food you would avoid

– What would you eat in the morning, which is healthy?

Golden Rule No. 5

Choose a meaningful purpose:

This is the last and very significant golden rule for ensuring golden health. Consciously decide to give your very best to this world through your work & services. This will keep you positive state of mind & cause you to put positive stress on self.

Regularly tell yourself:

-The creator has put me on the earth to create better thing around me & for every one

-Everyday & everyway I must become better so that I can serve better

-I must communicate to create better understanding & better relations

-I must make a difference in the world through walk (actions) & talk

-Challenges will help me grow since they are opportunity to make learn, as I solve them.

Action Steps:

For the next 7 days, read the above written statements, before starting your work

I wish that during this wonderful week, you should have great energy, peace of mind & great performance.