How to Integrate the Two Worlds
-for Greater Success in Life

Gursharan Singh

We live in two distinctive & interrelated worlds which together constitute the entire eco system.  

One world exits within us which directly belongs to us & which will determine the degrees of progress that we will achieve in our life.

The second world exits outside us, in which we live.

The way we are trained since our childhood, we tend to live outside – in. We are taught since childhood to look outside & learn. We predominately live by our five physical senses.  The challenge in living outside – in is this that, since majority are not achieving high goals & generally have limited & negative outlook; we also get conditioned accordingly. In this way we tend to achieve for lesser.  We tend to develop a “Reactive Attitude” & we frequently feel influenced & disturbed by outside influences.

If we consciously develop the simple but rare ability to live inside – out we will join the small percentage of high achievers who “Respond” rather than “React”. All high achievers, great performers, entrepreneurs, thought leaders live inside out. Legendary Dr. Stephen covey use to call this approach as “Inner victory leads to External Victory. The famous philosophy of Guru Nanak “ Man Jeetey Jag Jeet “ also  gives directions to live from inside out, so as to serve the humanity .

The super achievers set their own goals, they carry out the activities aligned to their goals irrespective of external circumstances.

The million dollar question is how to live Inside – Out so as to live a great life. The simple 6 step recipe for living inside – Out is suggested hereunder:

  • Consciously understand that you have a great GOD given Potential
  • Consciously decide to serve the society using your own potential
  • Look for the problems being faced by the society & decide which one of these problems you will solve in your life time.
  • Dedicate your life to solve this problem
  • Daily deliberately choose to work on the goals those will solve the problem.
  • Collaborate with others who can help you in overcoming this problem.

Exercise for this week: Please write down in brief what is that you have understood from this brief lesson?

  • What small step would you take based on this learning?
  • Wish you a great new week & Great Life!!!