Fuel your Progress with Inspiration & Perspiration

Gursharan Singh

All round Progress is the most important outcome of life.

Two things will really help you to make greater progress in life:

  • Inspiration
  • Perspiration

Inspiration: Inspiration is that internal spark which pushes you to get out of your comfort zone.

Inspiration is an Internal Process. It creates a willingness to do. It is a beginning of a Progress. Inspiration creates a mind set for doing some good work.

You get inspired by reading great books or listening to great achievers. You may also get inspired by a cause on which someone is working. Good poems & good stories are a great source of inspiration. A great role model is also a great source of inspiration.

Inspiration is not a onetime affair. One time inspiration is not enough. It is a kind of ongoing charge which you need on a continuous basis, if you want to go for bigger goals.

Sometimes you get inspired by shear chance of meeting with someone. However more often than not, you have to consciously choose to find resources for getting inspired.


  • Please write down what inspires you the most?
  • What specific efforts you will make this week to get some real good inspiration?

Perspiration: For progress it must that you get out of your comfort zone. Once you are inspired it becomes easy to move out of the comfort zone. 

Perspiration is more of an External Process. Perspiration is taking steps towards your predefined goals. You have to sweat out to move forward. You must be willing to perspire whether it is related to doing something for your better health or learning a new skill for better on the job performance etc.


  • Please write down what is one area in which you need to perspire more for achieving a specific goal?
  • What specific efforts you will make this week in that area?

I wish you a week full of inspiration & progressive perspiration!!!