Progress by Choice

Gursharan Singh

Making Progress is one of the most important attribute of a successful life. The fact is that every person wants to make a good progress in life. However the challenge is that not many pay any conscious attention this important Process. I will love that during this week you pay special attention to this aspect of your life.

This number one thing you must become aware of is that making a progress is a CHOICE. As a human being you are blessed with the power of choice.

For understanding this life impacting issue let us briefly  discuss this further.

Consider this very carefully. There are few things in life about which we do not have any CONTROL. For example the day & night temperature, distance between the two places etc. However we can exercise our choice about what to wear according to the weather & what kind of traveling options we should choose according to the distance & kind of connectivity between the two places.

Highly progressive individuals have made tremendous contribution to the humanity by understanding what is not in our control & then making a choice to improve the prevalent conditions which may be not very favorable. Say for examples inventing warm clothes for winter, heating system for the home, making express highways & faster means of transportation & so on.

For making a greater progress in your own life, in each & every circumstance think consciously what is the best choice which I can exercise? What can I do to improve the things around & make greater progress? Doing so quite often will strengthen our muscles of choice & it will facilitate better decision making & better life.

Making Progress in life is one of the most important choices you can exercise consciously. Progress means ensuring that the things & conditions are improved as you will like them to become.

Take time during this week do a simple exercise.

  • Which are things/ conditions in your life which you will like to improve?
  • What few better choices you can exercise to improve things & conditions around you?

Wishing you a Wonderful Week during which you will consciously make better choices !!!