Who is killing your time

Gursharan Singh

Please keep in mind that my & your life is a precious package of the following three most important components:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Creative Consciousness

If anyone is stealing any or all of these three, it amounts to, wasting the precious human life. Utilization of these three is also linked to each other.

Every one exactly gets the same amount of time each day. However everyone is not utilizing their time in the same manner.

Even the animals also get same amount of time each day. They also are gifted with energy & external consciousness. Since they are not gifted with the rare capability of “creative consciousness “ that we have as a human being, more or less that live the each day in a set pattern until human being disrupt their pattern in case of pets. Animals have set pattern of using their time & energy.

Few human beings use their time, energy & creative consciousness than the majority of human beings & they are more productive & they are more creative.  We cover this aspect in our powerful program “Tools for enhancing Personal Productivity & Creativity”.

In this article we will cover one very important aspect of Time Management.

There are 4 major killers of time:

  • Lack of Purpose
  • Lack of Energy
  • Lack of Focus
  • Lack of Discipline

 Let us discuss these four time killers, one by one.

  1. Lack of purpose

In my last 15 years of study about human potential & human performance, I have come understand that those who have clarity about purpose of their life, they get more done than each day. They use their time, energy & creative consciousness, in a very effective manner. In short it all boils down to “whom would you like to serve in your life”. In absence of this clarity & dedication I come across so many good people not utilizing their potential in the name of so called “satisfied”. You may even come across people saying “ Jindagi kat rahi hai ( I am passing my life)”.

Life without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder & major reason for killing life in nonproductive & non creative activities. A person without purpose is either lazy & busy with unimportant activities.

  1. Lack of Energy 

Lack of energy is the second biggest killer of time. We all know that at times we do not feel like doing or feel tired or there is a kind of brain fog. These are all symptoms of low energy. Not paying attention & taking care of own energy, is a key reasons for burnout & lower productivity. Energy is directly linked to life style. In a state of low energy you are bound to loose productivity & time . Particularly if you are doing a physically demanding or important mental work

  1. Lack of Focus

 Lack of Focus is the third biggest killer of time.

If you are not focused, you may be doing a lot of things, sounding very busy , yet not making a great progress. In the absence of focus , you may be putting your time & energy on the unimportant tasks. Or you may be starting one activity & switching to another activity , without fixing the first activity . Unfocussed working is like trying cut something with blunt knife. Unfocussed working means wasting your time & energy. You will be busy, overwhelmed, frustrated yet accomplishing only a little.

  1. Lack of Discipline

Lack of discipline is the fourth biggest killer of time. Lack of discipline kills time & energy. If you are watching a late night movie or attending a late night part , when something important needs to be done tomorrow , is a typical example of lack of discipline. Lack of discipline in one area of life, will create lack of discipline in many other areas of life. Major areas of discipline is going to bed in time, getting up in time, finishing work in time, doing important work rather than procrastinating.

To the contrary a person having a purpose, taking care of his energy, focusing on important works one at a time and living a disciplined life; can achieve a lot on a regular basis.

Food for thought :

Based on discussion in this article , what one step you can take , to enhance better use of your time & energy?

I wish you a highly productive  week!!!