Paycheck Vs Purpose

Gursharan Singh

In order to live better & perform better, kindly pay very close attention to the following 3 very important interrelated points:

  1. We must remember that:
  • Human beings are the best form of life
  • Essence of every human action is to improve the Quality of Life
  1. We must understand that:
  • Human being are gifted with truly unlimited capabilities
  • With their own capabilities , human beings can improve the Quality of their own life & the life of others
  1. For a good learning we must observe closely how two kind of persons really live their life :
  • One those who live from paycheck to paycheck
  • Others those who are living on purpose & committed to greatly improve the quality of human life

Now while every person can truly live a most fulfilling & great quality of life , however a very few people live such a life , let us find the reason for the same.

Those who live from Paycheck to Paycheck, subconsciously they work only to get Salary. They do not fully use their own great potential & they only make minimum contribution for improving the quality of life. Such person often has lot of complaints about their work, environment, their seniors & their salary. Such people generally are paid lesser than their capability since they make lesser contribution. They work only because they have to work for the “ Paycheck “ & they do not love their work.  Overall quality of their life is not great.

Those who live on Purpose,  they consciously choose to make greatest contribution for the betterment of human life. They use great deal of their own potential. They make a great contribution for the betterment of society. They rarely have any complaint or excuse.   They are always enthusiastic about what they do. They are happier & fulfilled. 

To make greater progress in your life, this week make a very conscious review of your life.

  • Is your purpose clear to you / becoming clear or still not clear?
  • Are you most of the time thinking about your salary/ paycheck or you are constantly working on your greatest purpose?
  • What would you do to be more purposeful in your life?

Wishing you a Wonderful & Purposeful Week!!!