Joy of Enhancing Interpersonal EffectivenessA powerful program to enhance personal & organizational performance by developing Inter Personal Skills


In the personal as well as in Professional life it is impossible to achieve any degree of Real Success without developing Interpersonal Effectiveness.
Success & happiness in life depends quite a lot on our quality of relationship with others. Quality of our relationship fully up to 85% success will depends on our interpersonal effectiveness. This incredible workshop will deal with this important issue.
In an era of change and pressure, executives are challenged to bring out the best in their people and to demonstrate outcomes. This two Practical & Action Driven workshop, which will help the participants enhance their overall performance

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.

-Stephen R. Covey


To help the participants :
• Essence Interpersonal effectiveness
• Understand present position
• How to enhance interpersonal effectiveness?

Brief Contents

Day One

• Ice breaker & Climate Setting
• Understanding Importance of Interpersonal Skills
• Life, Success & managing interpersonal relations
• We and our interactions
• Elements of Interaction
• How interactions affect our Effectiveness?

Day Two

• What are interpersonal skills?
• Fine art of Influencing
• How to develop understanding & Collaboration?
• How to enhance Interpersonal Effectiveness?
• Action Plan for enhancing Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Feedback & Closing