Joy of Excellence A Program to create perpetual improvement orientation


Today we live in society where we see stream of new product & services coming in market on a regular basis. There is also no denial of the fact that we also not only want to enjoy these products & services we want our life to become better day by day. This is where the importance our performance becoming better becomes imperative. This wonderful workshop will help the participants understand the very elements of Excellence & how to weave them in to our daily life. The workshop gives the participants a springboard of cutting-edge strategies to ensure remarkable personal & professional success.


To help the participants :
• Develop greater understanding of Present Scenario
• Performance attributes
• Understand need & relevance of Excellence
• Elements of Excellence
• Boost morale
• Enhance personal commitment

Brief Contents

• Ice-breaking & Climate Setting
• Basic Essence of Business
• Scenario Today
• Opportunities & Challenges Ahead
• Why Joy & Excellence are important?
• Performance & Its Attributes
• Elements of Excellence
• Fruits of Excellence
• Focus on Becoming
• Action Plan
• Feedback & Closing