Align Activity with the Purpose

– Gursharan Singh

Human beings are quite different than the rest of the creatures.

As a human being we are gifted with rare power on inner consciousness. We can analyze our thoughts, feeling & actions.

In this short article, I would love that during this week by use this power to review how you are doing the things in your life.

Simple framework for review is indicated hereunder:

Ask yourself what this activity will lead?  Will it move me towards intended purpose or not.

Few examples how to use this powerful technique: What I am eating? Will it lead to greater health & energy? What is the better alternate ?

The way I am communicating, will it lead to better relationship ? Can I make it better?

The work I am doing at the moment will it leads to the desired result? Do I need something more important than this activity?

You may develop few important questions to help you become more internally conscious & to check whether or not the activities you are performing, leads to desired results.

 Wishing you a Wonderful & Purposeful Week !!!

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